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With summer around the corner, barbecues are a must, spending time with family and friends, but is also time to prevent. Fires are a real hazard that can destroy vast properties within a blink of an eye. Be prepared.

Our team is trained in all security areas, think of us as your second set of eyes.

  Shahar Gaash

Shahar has overseen all nationwide operations, training, and quality control programs for RMI, since 2008. His duties include ensuring and maintaining compliance with all client contractual requirements as he interacts with other department heads within the company.
Shahar served in the Israeli Defense Forces as a Captain and Company Commander. Shahar also has extensive security industry background experience, dating back to 1990, where he has served in various positions such as: East Coast Regional Security Director, Chief Security Supervisor, Security Consultant and Instructor and his present title is Vice President of Operations and Training. He is a graduate of Marshall University.

  Coastal Calif. Water District
Director of Risk Management

"RMI International has lived up to all of our expectations, and we will continue to utilize their expertise in investigations and security audits."

  Fire Facts

A fire department responds to a fire every 15 seconds.
Someone is killed by a fire somewhere in the U.S. every 2 hours.
More than $250 in property is lost to a fire per second.

RMI takes care of every security area of your business, including fire surveilance.

  A wife send her husband a text message on a cold winter evening:
"Windows frozen".
Her husband replies:
"Pour some warm water over them".
Some time later he receives another text from his wife:
"The computer is completely useless now".