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If we could mention one thing that makes our country great since it's foundation, it is the welcoming embrace to all world's people.

This month we are proud to celebrate Hispanic Heritage. Without exemption, Hispanics footprint is patent in all areas: art, science, humanities, business, culture, food, etc.

This fusion is amazing, bringing the best of two cultures. We hope you share our vision: "Great teams are made of diverse abilities owned by diverse people".

  Clarence Roshell
Assistant Vice President of Operations

Clarence is an Army Veteran who, upon graduation from Zephyrhills High School, Florida, in 1997 immediately joined the military. He attended and graduated from United States Army Military Police School, Fort McClellan, Alabama. Serving eight years as a military police officer, his service took him to four overseas tours of duty from being a member of retired General, Tommy Franks’ personal protection team to his final overseas assignment as a team leader during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Upon departure from the military, in February 2005, he joined the RMI team as the Western Regional Manager for the American Honda Motor, Co. account location. Clarence was then promoted to the RMI Operations Manager position where he assumed the responsibility of managing multiple account locations for the company.

Clarence currently serves as the Assistant Vice President of Operations and oversees the operations of a larger number of account locations in the western United States. His vast experience and knowledge is a great asset to the RMI team and he is well-respected by his clients as well.

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"RMI International understands that training is the key to our success. They make every effort to ensure that our officers maintain the skills needed to effectively do their jobs."

  Autumn Fire Safety

Never park your car or truck over a pile of leaves. The heat from the vehicle's catalytic converter or exhaust system can ignite the leaves below. The resulting fire could destroy your vehicle.

Flammable liquids should not be stored in inside the home or in an attached garage or shed. This includes any unused fuel still in the fuel tank. Store this equipment away from your home or drain excess fuel out of the tank before storing. This simple safety precaution will help prevent accidental fires from escaping fuel vapors.

- See more at: http://www.oafc.on.ca/autumn-fire-safety#sthash.nzNHnZhl.dpuf


Both optimists and pessimists contribute to society.
The optimist invents the aeroplane,
the pessimist the parachute.